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the *non* audiogame

~ 2020-06-15

My new game Quinb is out!

Quinb is a reaction / logic game for up to 4 players on the same device.

Actually I was developing an audiogame but it became something different.

Quinb should have been a container of sound-based multiplayer minigames. The idea was to make an audiogame, playable even without looking at the display, just listening.

One of the main goals was to create a game to play with friends that required as little interaction as possible with the display, to have fun without having to be in front of a screen. It might as well have been blind accessible.

But from the early stages of development, the basic idea of the game started to change: I realized that it would be nice to have vibration-based games too, always based on the principle of minimal interaction with the screen.

Not too bad, the audiogame had become an audio/vibration game.

But then I realized that, despite everything, there was a constant need to see the screen to set and select the solution (mostly due to a wrong choice of games to implement). Accepted my failures, at that point I decided to add games of pure logic and reflexes.

Definitely it is no more an audiogame since 3 out of the 5 senses are now used (I'll not implement any smell-based or taste-based games, obviously).

Maybe in the future I'll come back to try to make a real audiogame.


So what came out of it?

Nowadays Quinb contains many minigames in which you have to answer questions as fast as you can to get a point.

These games are based on 3 different categories:

In the future I will probably also make it possible to create custom games.

You can play alone if you want, but it is more fun to play with friends of all ages. It's great if you are stuck with nothing to do while you're with friends.

If you think you're fast, challenge and beat your friends!


Probably this is not the best time for local multiplayer games, but if you want you can download it here: F-Droid or Play Store

source code: GitLab

thoughts, questions, feedback? write me by email at: [ deepdaikon@tuta.io ]

or send me a matrix message at: [ @deepdaikon:matrix.org ]

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