here are the released games.
everything i do is and always will be fully open source.

• Xeonjia

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Xeonjia icon
Save the world by solving ice puzzles and defeating enemies.

Xeonjia is an adventure game set in a frozen world.

The world has been frozen by the "King of Evil" and it's no longer a safe place.

Legend has it that a brave hero will defeat the King of Evil and save the kingdom… For this reason every year a person is appointed as "hero" and sent on a journey to try to save it.

Now it's your time, you have been chosen as this year's hero! Will you be able to defeat the King of Evil?

Keep in mind that most of the floor is frozen, so you can't stop yourself until you reach a wall, a boulder, or any other type of obstacle.

Use your mind to figure out the best path!

~ platform: Android, Windows, Linux
~ release year: 2019 (first alpha release)

• Quinb

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Quinb icon
Quinb is a reaction / logic game for up to 4 players on the same device.

It contains many minigames in which you have to answer questions as fast as you can to get a point.

These games are based on 3 different categories:

- Logic: games that require intuition, logic and fast reflexes.
- Audio: sound-based games, you have to listen carefully to find out the correct answer.
- Vibration: vibration-based games that require you to listen carefully to the vibrations of your device.

You can play alone if you want, but it is more fun to play with friends of all ages. It's great if you are stuck with nothing to do while you're with friends.

If you think you're fast, challenge and beat your friends!

~ platform: Android
~ release year: 2020

• Zoysii

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Zoysii icon
Zoysii is a simple logic game. You are the red tile on a square board and the aim is to delete almost every tile while trying to make the most points.

It's so easy!

There are 3 modes:

- Single player: play a random match and try to get the most points.
- Multiplayer: play against your opponents and defeat them.
- Levels: use your mind to solve each level by deleting all the tiles.

Born as a terminal-based game in 2016, it was remade for Android in 2019.

~ platform: Android
~ release year: 2019