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the long journey

~ 2020-11-24

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of the first public version, I released the first major Xeonjia update, version 2.0.0.

In this update many things have changed, mainly:

1- Finally the story mode can be considered as such. Now we have people, dialogues, enemies, events, quests, and so on. Normal stuff since it's an RPG, but they weren't there before :\
Even if the story is broadly written, only a small part of it has been implemented for now though.

2- The graphics have been completely redrew and many new components and details have been added. They still have a lot of room for improvement but it's a good starting point. The graphics also follow a new style with a new custom color palette made of 32 colors.

3- There are also many improvements in the user interface and many bug fixes. Moreover, now we also have background music and sound effects.


It will take a long time to finish this game, for now it is still in alpha / beta stage (although it may seem different looking at the version number "2.0.0"). At least the story, dialogues and graphics must be completed and improved to have a "stable" version. Furthermore multiplayer mode needs some love.

The long journey has just begun.


donate: Liberapay or Ko-fi

download: F-Droid or Play Store

source code: GitLab

thoughts, questions, feedback? write me by email at: deepdaikon@tuta.io
or send me a matrix message at: [ @deepdaikon:matrix.org ]

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