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~ 2021-06-26

A while ago I was looking for numberal systems and writing methods for Zoysii and in the meantime I was also looking at some things related to blindness and methods of communication for my audiogame that [ I was developing ].

Somehow I ran into Kobigraphs.

Kobigraphs is a way of writing braille which may be easier to write in some contexts and can be easily read by sighted persons. The symbols are formed by joining dots of a braille sign.

I don't dwell on the explanation of Kobigraphs since you can find better information on what it is and how it works on the [ dotlessbraille site ] ("a site dedicated to demystifying braille, to presenting new ideas for learning and presenting braille, and to advertising the need for open source developers to contribute to the development of free and open source braille software").

Outside the dotlessbraille site, Kobigraphs is virtually unknown.

Anyway, I liked Kobigraphs instantly and learned it in a couple of hours. Actually I didn't know much what to do with this knowledge, but still I kept practicing and I became able to write and read it pretty quickly.

Now, a year after I discovered Kobigraph, I found a way to use it. In fact I needed a font for the ancient language used in the kingdom in which Xeonjia is set. So I decided to create a simple computer font based on Kobigraphs.

I don't know if anyone else will need it, but I've made the OFL licensed font available. You can download it [ here ].

If you are bored and you don't know what to do, you can also view this site in kobi [ by clicking here  ].


download: here

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